First Responders



Equine facilitated mental health

Change is the end result

of all true learning.

There is no horseback riding involved and the priority for facilitation is communication. It is why programs are structured by demographics of specific age groups in order to offer the most learning. This protocal creates a level playing field, promoting not only the development of new friendships but also heightening the leadership and compliancy skills of participants. 

When dealing with relationship problems, addiction recovery, trauma and major life changes, an in-depth intake process prepares our facilitators to take the right approach with each unique case.

The modality is designed to address self-esteem, communication, interpersonal
effectiveness, trust, boundaries and limit-setting, personal confidence and group cohesion. It also helps the individual to connect with their thinking, feelings, sensations and intuition.

Group programs are geared towards teens, corporate employees and adults. We also offer private sessions for individuals needing more attention.

Couples or families seeking counselling will discover the benefits of joint effort in completing tasks requiring the attitude, behaviour and skills that make living together a much more pleasant and satisfying experience.

Our 'First Responders' Program (Police, Firefighters, Paramedics) can profit through the program of a higher sense of value for their daily and often dangerous efforts in keeping the general public safe. This particular curriculum explores coping mechanisms and how to handle difficult situations with an open mind.

Court mandated Youth or Adults entering the program will experience the bounty of a positive lifestyle and learn to take each day in stride; managing the difficulties of life without the need to commit crime.

Women and youth-at-risk are especially vulnerable and programs for this demographic group are designed to explore the individuals aspirations, obstacles and the means to create a line between right and wrong and most of all how to create absolute boundaries.




The length of time truly depends on the individual who wishes to take only one private or group session.

The majority of the programs will be 12 weeks with one session per week.These are specifically designed for participants eager to rise above current problems, past traumas and for corporation employees working as a team to become much more productive and empathetic during working hours with a focus on leadership and participation qualities.

All Participants will have tasks assigned outside of programs followed by discussion of discovery during sessions.


There is so much to learn about ourselves through the horses we work with. Expectations should be high as participants begin to gain a new approach to life and removal of all preconceived notions and misgivings. The ability to forgive. A chance to express pain and find solutions to seemingly endless dilemmas. To learn the value of cause and effect. Understand that as human beings, we are all very similar despite our life experiences. To create a cohesion to healthy thinking. To abolish fear in the face of uncertainty. And above all, to learn how to learn.

Horses are with us every step of a difficult journey and they are there to make change much easier, fruitful and lasting.


Equine Therapy in Greater Montreal

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