About Us

Founded in 2017, Zen Equus Ranch was the brainchild of Hilda Keskin, licensed hypnotherapist and meditation coach and currently completing a Special Care Counselling program. Hilda's passion for horses alongside her love of psychotherapy is the driving force of this enterprise, and with a dedicated Board of Directors and Volunteers, the dream is coming to fruition.

Our Team

Equine facilitated mental health

Murat (Moe) Keskin

Administrator of Zen Equus Ranch

Moe is the sort of individual who would walk to the ends of the earth to help people in crisis. His generous spirit and amazing sense of humour reminds us all that although we are vulnerable, we are strong and designed to believe in our stremgth to overcome our weakness.

An exceptional artists and craftsman, Moe uses the same talents in helping us find ways to help anyone that will walk through our barn doors.

Our Horses

Ranch Zen Equus is a farm dedicated to empowering people with services and programs tailored to individuals, couples and corporations. Offering programs in Equine Assisted Learning, our services will also include riding lessons, horse boarding, rehabilitation centre and camps.

Hilda Keskin


Founder and President of Zen Equus Ranch

"I have discovered that everyone's purpose in life is to help one another. It is for that reason that this project is so vital for our survival as a society and community of diverse cultures."

At left, "Zen", Hilda's Thoroughbred Mare. At right, a gelding in love with Zen.

Maria Sanz


Treasurer of Zen Equus Ranch

Single mother of 4 young children, Maria has the dedication, stamina and passion to being a part of an organization that exemplifies compassion and an adventurous spirit. How she finds the time is very much a mystery but we are so grateful.

Maria brings to us her resourcefulness through the people she knows and constantly surprises us with her availability even with her large family.

Equine facilitated mental health

​​Equine Therapy in Greater Montreal

Equine Therapy in Greater Montreal

Our horses are the true therapists, specifically chosen and trained to meet the requirements for the Equine Assisted Learning program. They will also be used for private and group riding lessons and for therapeutic trail rides in meadows and pastures.

Horses working with vulnerable people are all closely monitored. This due to the emotional condition of the client. Horses mirror our emotions, it is important to well prepare ourself before approaching the animal.

Lectures prior to and afterwards interaction with our therapy horses will greatly assist the clients in moving forward with their  healing process.


What is teamwork if not to help each other

through the difficult phases?