Our Mission


Through an in-depth in-take process, Equine Assisted Programs are formulated  to address the unique and individual needs of our clientele. Be it a youth at risk struggling to cope within the confines of society, an abused woman searching for much needed self-esteem or a first responder trying to process all the atrocities of crime, domestic violence, fire or vehicle accidents, the intake process will ascertain the best course of action and the optimal duration of the therapy.

When we use horses as part of a therapy program, the positive results are indisputably evident. In other words . . .        A new you instantly.

How this occurs is by virtue of the equine's ability to look into our hearts and minds, even detect our heartbeat from 20 feet away. This has been proven scientifically and because the equine mind, body and spirit are geared towards altruism and service, these gentle animals sense what ails us.

Horses model our behaviour by responding to our behaviour.

They help us change our perspective and attitude so that both horse and human can find common

ground to cooperate.

Equine Assisted Learning

Learning how to learn is the first step to achieving success.

Equine facilitated mental health

Doing all we can to raise awareness, we will continue to work tirelessly to raise the much needed $1.5 million in order to service our clients effectively. Monies raised will ensure we have the facility, staff and equipment for a safe and efficient operation. We are a charitable organization through the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and are now in a position to issue receipts for your income tax purposes.

As for any non-for profit or charitable organization, all our financial statements will be made available to our sponsors and benefactors. Our "Inside Insight" program will greatly advocate a very crucial need for this type of therapeutic modality.

Zen Equus Ranch is a charitable organization endevouring to empower those who feels the need to make a positive change in their lives. Be it child, teen, adult, or professional, Equine Assisted Learning will be a great aid in navigating the complexities of a current and difficult situation. 

Our target demographic group is the vulnerable sector of our society which includes youth-at-risk, abused persons, recovering addicts and first responders (firefighters, police, paramedics) and Parolees. These individuals are always in danger of developing post-traumatic stress disorder and if not addressed can result in depression with co-morbidity involving many other mental health diagnosis.

Our education we will provide is to promote altruism, compassion and leadership. These qualities are pivotal in maintaining a balanced life, free from emotional entanglement to things that can or cannot be changed.

Our Goal

Staff will consist of psychotherapist(s), equine assisted coaches, administrative staff, horse handlers and volunteers. Because safety of our clients, horses and team is our number one priority, the process of conducting workshops will be under great scrutiny for the well-being of all involved. In addition, our horses will be acclimatized to interact with humans, and all exercises will be executed with the strictest of safety standards.

Clients will be introduced to all staff and horses in our efforts to ensure that entering the program means adopting a new family who are trained in Equine Assisted Rehabilitation and Learning.

Charity Number: 78382 3883 RR0001

Our Staff